Aristocles' Closet

Bet you didn't know Plato was one of the first advocates for recycling. To give this brand and its voice a face lift, we introduced Plato and other fun facts about the philosopher into a socially integrated campaign for the high-end used clothing store.

Copy: Daniel Lotito, Gianna Orecchio

Art: Gianna Orecchio

Awards: 2020 Gold SCADDY Use of Social Media

Brand vs. Rebrand

platos logo.jpeg

First, Instagram sponsored ads promote Plato's Finsta and Twitter account.

Plato follows fashionistas on his Finsta. If your fit is for the gods, you can follow him. If not, head to his Twitter to get schooled.

Plato's Fashion Academy on Twitter let's you get roasted Gordon Ramsey style. If you learn a thing or two, you can follow Plato's finsta.

Plato was one of the first advocates for recycling. Instead of bringing clothes in plastic bags, Plato's creates reusable branded bags.


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